Peazy Products

Reducing the waste, cost of transport and increasing re-use.

With the Peazy™ System no heavy hardware is required. This goes along way to reducing the weight of the stand graphics and therefore the excessive costs of courier and transportation. For the travelling exhibitor its ideal because the stand graphics are light by comparison even including the peazy’s and it all fits into a luggage bag (with wheels if you want to reduce your own energy output). The polyester in the printed fabric means that when folded in the bag isnot easily creased and so it can be re-used countless times there after. The Peazy™ channels are made from alluminium and can therefore be recycled and ofcourse re-used again and again and again.

peazy open stand
A corner stand is an open stand and literally means you only have two sides. This kind of stand layout is much more inviting.
peazy facia and open stand
The Peazy™ System is customizable and flexible, so facia's can also be included in the stand design.
peazy IMPACT wall STAND
This is a stand design includes one large 6 x 3 wall unit. Therefore there is no need for a dry wall and all the costs and waste involved.
The fabrics we use become transparent when lit from behind thereby creating a fantastic visual effect on stand.
A very simple single or double panel solution that replaces the heavy conventional pop up stands and does a much better job in covering the full height of the stand.
peazy carrier baG
The really easy part about this whole system is that a large stand with all the Peazy channels and the graphics rolled up will fit into an manageable bag weighing between 10 and 16kg's.